A new measure of poverty as of late 2011 takes federal programs into account. It shows the poverty rate is over-estimated, as it was over 15% but is now measured at around 13%.

New York instituted a new measure of poverty in 2008. A July 22, 2008 New York Times editorial summarizes the results of using the new poverty measures in New York City. The poverty measure increased from 19% under the old measure to 23% under the new one. As of Fall 2008 Congress was starting to explore changing the way the Federal government calculates the poverty level.

The world is making progress against global poverty.

Conditional cash transfers are used in Mexico to help the very poorest.

How Much Do People Need?

A study new in March 2011 says that a single worker needs to make about $30,000 a year for economic security. That compares with the national poverty level of $10,830. The difference is between the amount needed to barely survive - with state subsidies - and the amount needed to have some reserve for emergencies and to contribute to retirement saving without relying on any form of welfare.

Poverty Measures

There are updated measures of poverty from the Census Bureau.

Combating Poverty

How about "dropping money from helicopters"?

Cutting the poor out of welfare.

The War on Poverty at 50

See this report on the achievements of 50 year of the "war on poverty."

This article says that poverty is not just about money; it's about time as well.

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