World Trade

Videos About Globalization

Hidden Face of Globalization video

Factory of the World video - Kristof, New York Times.

Chomsky on "Globalization".

"Globalisation is Good" video

Naomi Klein of "No Logo" fame video

Other Publications

Here's a thoughtful piece on the impact of NAFTA from the Council of Foreign Relations.

Dynamic Effect of Tariff Reduction

It's easy to show that eliminating barriers to trade provide a net benefit to both trading partners. However, introductory economics doesn't look at the dynamic (time-related) effects. What happens if tariff elimination initially results in low-priced imports irreversibly drive domestic producers out of business, but then rising world prices make domestic consumers wish they still had domestic production?

Free Trade and Employment

Lansing' Michigan mayor says that the backers of free trade have sold out the American worker.

Bangladesh is a big supplier of clothing due to low wage rates.

"Made in China" is Not as Big in the U.S. As You Think

According to research by the Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco, and reported in the Wall St Journal, goods made in China account for only 2.7% of U.S. consumption spending!

Do Current Account Deficits Matter?

A current account deficit exists in a country when that country imports more than it exports. Does that matter? Here's a view from the IMF.

What About Cheap Clothes?

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